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ECommerce develop your project from beginning to end, taking into account the nature of your business.
Develop stores that sell. Magento possibilities squeeze adjusting it to your needs.

Architecture, usability, design, layout, integration, development, photography, logistics, conversion systems, ERP integration, training, maintenance … master all disciplines need to make your project a success eCommerce.
Result of our experience comes our commitment to Magento. We have specialized resources to make the most of e-commerce platform more powerful on the market.

Magento is the platform E-Commerce (electronic commerce) fuller today, offering flexibility and control always accompanied by a great design and functionality. One of the highlights of Magento is its status as OpenSource, allowing you to adapt to your business your online store for a reasonable price. Magento is characterized by:

What do we offer


Because no business is like another, a group of professionals will work carefully designing your online store, to fit the needs of your business with creative solutions. A good design will give your business an advantage, so we work to make your company more and not a stand out from the rest. Your store will be designed to match some of the majors.


Integrate your online store with the bank, so that your customers enjoy an easy and secure payment service, and major logistics companies, so you wont have to worry about customer orders. Gain a competitive advantage over companies in your sector and points on them to deliver safe, easy and quality .


We adapt the backend of your online store so that all processes that need to make your business move will suit your needs. We specialize in creating extensions for your Magento suits your needs: changes in management of orders, mass actions, repetitive, creating integrated content management.

Monitoring and Methodology
How cheap is expensive end. At Factor Movil use our own development methodology and specific branches using git to ensure testing processes, debug and deploy into production. All our projects are development and testing environment, and a system and project tracking tool based on Basecamp.

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